Sluit venster x

Om verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, vindt onze dienstverlening aan de balies uitsluitend op afspraak plaats. We vragen u om zoveel mogelijk digitaal te regelen.

Kijk voor meer informatie over onze maatregelen rondom het coronavirus op


  • Maasduinen (Dunes of the Meuse)

    Between Gennep and Venlo is a long and undulating ribbon of woodland, moorland, fields, meres and dunes on the banks of the river Maas (Meuse). All these elements together form the longest river dune belt of the Netherlands.They are housed in the National Park Maasduinen (the dunes of the Meuse ).

  • Gennepse Hei

    In 2008 the demolition of buildings and concrete roads on the former Natokamp Gennep started. The army used to store ammunition at this site. After the high fence was gone, things changed a lot. It is now a nature reserve where visitors no longer encounter a sign that says "no trespassing", but they are warmly welcomed by Staatsbosbeheer (the Forestry Commission).